Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Back in October, I purchased a new car. I'm very glad to report that Nissan and I have gotten along very well thus-far. Nissan has a few new bells and whistles that Stratus did not have, and one of those features, is a thermometer!

Every morning I get in my car, put my foot on the brake, and push the "Start" button and the car hums to life usually telling me that it is 58 degrees in my amazing parking garage. As I pull out of the garage and head to work Nissan slowly adjusts to the temperature outside and I watch the numbers tick down to give me outside's reading. Well on this wonderfully frigid Monday morning in January, that thermometer ticked itself all the way down to ZERO Degrees!!

As Bryan aptly quotes Ron White this morning, "'Hey Ron, what's the temperature outside?' 'Um, There isn't one!'"

That's cold people!!

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