Sunday, January 16, 2011

Full Weekend

This weekend was low key and easy going....kind of.

It included a hospital visit to a friend who fell 30 feet during an ice climbing exercise and broke both of his ankles. It included lots of cooking great food, and lots of watching football with good friends. And of course a great time with Bryan and I together for the weekend.

The Jets won an amazing NFL Football game against the Patriots today, and they are off to the AFC Championship game for the 2nd year in a row!! Mike DeVito played an amazing game, and I'm so incredibly happy for him!!

Meanwhile, our friends Jackie and Ian got married this past September, and for the favors at their wedding they gave out pre-measured, pre-packaged, oatmeal cookie recipes and ingredients in a jar. This weekend Bryan and I finally got around to baking them :) They came out wonderful. Here are a couple before-during-after pictures of the process.

Bryan made a very yummy breakfast while I was baking cookies.



And they were good!!

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