Friday, February 1, 2013

Friends are Everything

Anyone who knows me personally knows that my friends are a huge part of my life.  So much fun has been had with good friends and good times.  Going through wedding planning and events made me re-realize how amazing friends are.
It's always hard when friends move away and aren't as close and accessible as you as they had been previously.  Liz is one of those friends in my life.  We grew up 3 towns away from each other and met in 6th grade.  We were just classmates for middle school, then in the same group of friends in high school.  But our real bond began in college.  We both independently ended up going to the same school, and were each other's lifeline in the high-school to college adjustment.  After college she started Medical school, and ended up landing in Colorado!
This month, her medical school, which usually has her 2 time zones away, posted her in Boston, and we got to spend some awesome time together.
The East Coast misses you Liz!!

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