Monday, February 4, 2013

My Resolution

I am not generally very good at resolutions, so I try not to make them.  This year though, I came up with one that I think I can actually keep and will enjoy it quite a bit.  The goal is to cook at least one new recipe every week.  (though, if necessary, I'd be ok with one every 2 weeks should it come to that, lol)
Week 1 my aunt and mom came up for dinner, so vegetarian dishes were the order of the day.  From my William sonoma Vegetable cookbook i found a recipe using Jerusalem Artichokes.  Looks like Ginger, acts like Potato, and smells like artichoke.  I made a veg casserole with it, and it was a major crowd pleaser!
Oh, and homemade bread sticks too!!
Week 2 a friend came over, and I made Kale, Barley, & Meatball soup.  I made the meatballs by hand, and it came out amazing.  Liz was over for dinner, and we both got to enjoy it together for dinner, and separately for lunch the next day.  That's a good recipe :)
In between here somewhere i roasted my first ever chicken!!
Week 3 I made a veggie dish for Ashley's visit.  I was searching for inspiration with the TV on in the background and Giada's cooking program came on with a great Risotto recipe, so guess what we had for dinner....?
The best part about her recipe was that you don't have to stand in front of the stove for hours to make it.  start in the pan with the ingredients and browning, then put in the liquid, cover, and put in the oven for a half hour.  It was scrumptious!!
Week 4, Bridget (my partner in cooking crime) came over and we made a feast for a queen!  Roasted asparagus topped with crisped prosciutto and a fried egg.  All of that was put on top of a potato pancake and topped with a quick hollandaise sauce.  It was so incredibly yummy I can't wait to make it again.

 Cant wait to see what I'll come up with this week.

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