Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter Fun

This has been a weird winter, with frigid temperatures, but when there's water falling from the sky, it's 50 degrees out and in the form of rain.
If someone can figure that one out, please let me know.
The lack of snow around here has definitely hurt the winter-sporting world a bit, but this weekend, we stuck our noses up at mother nature, and took what she gave us, plus a little extra, and enjoyed the cold outdoors.
First on the docket was Tubing at Cranmore Mountain.
Then, we went for the high-speed enjoyment activity.  The trails were perfect and there weren't that many people to share them with.

So, after tubing and snowmobiling, the next logical activity in the snow and 11 degree's a water park of course!

It was a great weekend with most of my family.  Unfortunately my Man and my Brother both had to work at home so they weren't able to join us, they were missed.

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