Tuesday, February 26, 2013

hmmm, Pizza!

Our next culinary adventure is brought to you by "Pizza"!  A surefire way to please the crowd :)
A friend came over for dinner one day and I already had a simple meal planned of pizza, so we ran with it.  I picked up an extra pre-made dough at the store, pulled out all kinds of leftover items that went well on pizza, chopped them up, and came up with these combinations:
Whole wheat crust, crushed tomato sauce, shredded Mozzi, sauteed onions & peppers along with just a touch of crumbled Goat cheese.

Next we have white crust, sauce, Mozzi, chopped chives and chicken that had been marinaded in Italian dressing (pre-cooked by me and leftover from a lunch plan earlier in the week)
Needless to say, Pizza is always a Hit!

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