Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday Night Blues

To say that I had a horrible day at work Friday would be a huge understatement. My mission for this long weekend is definitely to put that day out of my head!

Step one was of course a glass of wine...but unfortunately, considering that I haven't been feeling well the past couple days, that was not an option :(

Instead, I popped an entire bag of Boy Scout popcorn for just me, and I took out a project!

I started with a plain picture frame, took out the backing and the glass, and sanded the wood to get rid of the glossy finish (thanks babe, worked like a charm).

I painted it black to get the uniformity to everything else we hang on the walls around here, and then began with a couple bright colors with shapes that pop.

At this point I was about half way through my batch of popcorn, and glass of coca-cola, and I started in with my pin-point brush for a second coat of paint.

I ended up using another DIY blog inspiration to use the frame, so instead of a photo in it, there's a blank piece of card-stock paper (it's a bit small for the frame, so don't mind the cardboard peaking out from the bottom, and turned it into a dry-erase board to be used for cute notes to be sent between Mr. Man and me.

He'll call me corny when he comes home and sees this... but I don't care :)

I like it a lot, how 'bout you?

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