Sunday, January 15, 2012

Projects 2012

In order to not disappoint, and to continue the happy productive vibe in Casa de Condo, I'm here telling you about more projects that Mr. Man & I have put together these past few days.

The most noticeable is right here in the living room. We had discussed some changes that we wanted to make, so one ambitious Tuesday, I came home and found this:

Our TV was mounted on the wall, the end tables switched places to open up the corner of the room, candles were everywhere!, and the panels that my mom made for me 6 years ago to hide my scary dorm-room walls were lifted to heighten the room.
We have been enjoying this new view for over a week now, and love it more each day.

Anyone savvy enough to notice those 3 candles in the middle? This was my lucky winning pick from the Yankee Swap at work this Christmas. They are vases/candle holders, which means I can put anything in these and any candle on top of them and make it a beautiful focal point.

My first attempt at something interesting for these beauties was to strategically hang blue ribbon all around the edge and place bright candles on top.

It's not the most coordinated or interesting thing I've ever put together in my life, but hell, it's just the first phase, I'm sure there will be many more adaptations posted here in the future.


  1. Love it! Nice panel placement, photo frames pull together nicely, and ribbon in glass are perfect! Tv higher for more display room is terrific.. Where'd the corner piece go?, love it all, mom

    1. Lol, I didn't even notice the nice symmetry of the photo-frames until you mentioned it! :)
      The corner piece is now in the corner between the couches, where the table with the photo albums used to be, so they just switched places. it does open up the room, and everything is still accessible. Thanks Mom!