Monday, January 16, 2012

I Love to Cook

I asked for cook books for Christmas, and have friends over usually at least once a week. I have dinner leftovers for lunch most days, and I'm know in the office for my awesome lunches. In addition to DIY craft blogs I've been reading recipe and cooking blogs recently which has helped me with some new and fun ideas.

I was also able recently to combine two of my favorite things, and using a great deal on Groupon, I got myself a one year subscription to Bon Appetite magazine a couple months ago.

All of that goes to prove my love for cooking is true!

It also doesn't hurt that I have an awesome kitchen in my condo that can accommodate my every cooking whim.

One night this week I put pizza on the menu. My Man isn't at all into cooking, but he sure does like to eat :) I set out to make a pizza that was featured on one of my very favorite recipe blogs.

Her creative ingredient pizza was made with whole wheat dough, so it's a healthy pizza, and it turned these measly ingredients from this: This:

And it was Deeelish!!

Another night this week I went to the store and picked up a really nice piece of salmon on sale at Roche Brother's. It was really big, and looked so good, I couldn't wait to cook it in my favorite mustard glaze.

But... I opened up the wax paper wrapping to find that this salmon piece had a bunch of bones in it! Sorry, Dad, hopefully the rest of my story will make you forgive me for bringing up the fact that there were bones in my fish.

I've seen on some of my cooking shows how they use these special tweezers to get the bones out of fish, and it works in about 2 seconds and they never find any other bones. Well, I'm not that talented, and I don't own special fish tweezers, so I had to improvise Magiver-like.

I used my Leatherman! And let me tell you, it worked like a charm.

It worked like a charm, and we ate the whole thing without any bone-in-mouth issues.
I certainly love that recipe! It's worth a shot if you ever need a quick and easy fish dinner.

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