Saturday, January 7, 2012


I know that it's probably really nice for Santa when Christmas is over. He gets to sleep in, spend time with Mrs. Clause, and play with the elves instead of supervising them making more and more toys.
But for me, the week after Christmas/New Year's is always sad because you have to take down all of the cheer that you installed throughout the house to gear Up for Christmas.

While our Tree was taken out last weekend, and the stockings are back in their Christmas bin in storage, the one thing I'm really upset about having to put away are the cards. The nice thoughts and well wishes that we get from family and friends around Christmas.
The fun family photos that people take throughout the year are my favorite. And why should I have to miss out on looking at these pictures all year long just because they came in a Christmas envelope?

Maybe I'll hold out just a bit longer and be grateful that so many people were thinking of us during their busy Christmas season.

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